I just landed my first press release. YAY!!!!

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Culture, Football

So if any of you have been keeping up with my goings on in Poland we have been fighting hard to get our SuperFinal (Polish Super Bowl) on National TV. We have created a buzz on facebook and with the help of all the imports and other Polish citizens of our small football community we have had this thing spread rapidly. The next step is to get the rest of Europe on board. The task of writing a press release was given to me. This may seem like a small task but I took as a serious one due to the fact it would be displayed on two high traffic websites, http://www.Europlayers.com and http://www.ifaf.info (International Fedaration of American Football). Well guess what its on the front page of both websites!!!! You can read it below:

American Football is the fastest growing team sport in Poland. In less than 6 years the league has gone from a 4-team mini-league in which everyone made the ‘playoffs’ to a successful 31-team, 3-division organization with imported American talent from the NFL, AFL and top college conferences such as the Big Ten.

With awareness of football growing rapidly and the quality of play improving at the same rate, the Polish League of American Football (PLFA) will be taking a huge step this season by bringing the sport into the homes of many of Poland’s 40 million citizens. This is because, for the first time, the PLFA championship game, the PLFA SuperFinal (formerly known as the Polish Bowl), will be televised nationally. PLFA SuperFinal VI will be played on July 17th in Bielawa, a day after the IFAF Senior World Championship.

To make this happen the PLFA is taking an unorthodox approach, by creating an international “Get Football on TV” petition. The goal is to get 50,000 people to sign the petition in order to prove to companies, sponsors and advertisers that football is getting popular not only in Poland but in the rest of the continent as well. Currently the petition is at 4,400 and growing. With the support of the rest of the players, teams, leagues and federations of European and International football this petition can lead to more than just support for one country but indeed for entire international football community.

To be a part of this movement just click on the link:http://www.petycjaplfa.pl/ and sign the petition (signing doesn’t cause any personal data to be provided to third parties). This will be the first small step in spreading a sport that is currently the guilty pleasure of a relatively small group of enthusiasts (and not to mention almost everyone in America) to the European masses.


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