Game 4: Warsaw Eagles vs The Crew

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Football

So this is what we are up against this week. Thanks to our cross town rivals we enjoyed this week as the only unbeaten team in the league and some how managed to continue to be ranked the #21 team in Europe according to the powers that be at So with so much on the line I’m approaching this game as a way to solidify us as the team to beat.

We are up against a huge challenge this week due to the fact that we haven’t particularly defended the pass well this season and we are going up against a team that have  two import WR’s and also created a dance craze. At some point during the game that Bernie shit is going to drive me crazy because any big play by us or them someone is going to bust it out. Now I could careless if they do it. Its their “thing” for the season but when our team mimics it it comes off more like penis jockeying.  MEhhh it is what it is.

The good part about tomorrow is that our Super Flag Bol National team will be traveling with us to play against the Warsaw Eagles Junior team. I’m not sure what our guys are up against but I know that we are probably the best group of 18 and under players in the league. We just have amazing athletes and I can’t see them losing. I’m very excited about this match to be quite honest our young dudes deserve it.

So on to the predictions for the game. I have to keep in mind we are facing two import receivers and an import running back I should be more cautious about what I throw out. But when a team is stacked they believe they will definitely run at me with no regard for the fact that I have been able to shut down a run game. Well more TFL’s for me.

9 tackles, 5 TFL’s, 4  sacks, 1 ff, 1 catch 25 receiving yards.

This seems kind inflated but for some reason its what popped into my mind first. I’m just going to roll with it. I’ll keep you updated. By the way if you are looking for why I haven’t updated any other games the PLFA does an awful job of getting the numbers in. I understand it is a tedious job but we still haven’t received stats from games that were 3 weeks ago. So who the hell knows when we’ll get’em.



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