This is a blog following the life and times of Aki Jones aka Euro Jones. You will be following my day to day life in Wroclaw, Poland. I once had a promising NFL career but it was cut short so I decided it would be a brilliant idea to move  Poland to help develope the American Football League in this country.

The reason this blog is relevant is because I am slightly out of my mind and for the most part the weirdest and craziest things happen to me. I agree that I do bring it on myself sometimes but n0ne-the-less it will be entertaining television. Enjoy Life in Marvelous Times.

  1. Klara says:

    Heey there Aki Jones !!!! Finaly I´ve found your card so I´m here 😉 Nice blog 🙂
    Can´t remember everything of the day/night we met ´cause of the alcohol of course :))
    How are you? Take care

  2. DeeJah says:

    Happy Birthday Aki! I am so happy that you are living the life of your choosing and obviously enjoying yourself to the fullest. Continue to walk in your highest good and be guided, guarded and protected every step of the way. From she who was there with your Mom from your first breath, keep up the good work and take my Love with you always.
    Infinite Love,

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