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Holy hell. I have like five minutes before I have to leave and I haven’t made my game predictions. The only time I didn’t do that was the first game against the Seahawks and it was the only game I didn’t have a sack the whole season. I am not superstitious but I was doing something right. And damnit I don’t have my white towel to flap in breeze while I chase down QB’s. My pictures will be ruined AHHHHHH!!!! Well any way gotta roll quick predictions.

6 tackles , 4 TFls, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 recovery



ALL HE DOES IS HOLD!!!! #78 people. Watch his holding ass the whole game because the refs won't be.

Well the culmination of a long and productive season comes to an end tomorrow.  There are two ways this thing is going to end. Us becoming champions or looking like to biggest slap dicks in the PLFA. There is no middle ground of wow they played hard, or they just came up short. If we don’t win everyone will say The Crew is the biggest joke in football. With all the shit we have kicked up over the past three seasons we better win this damn game.

Now on the flipside this game will be the first nationally televised game ever in Poland. What makes this special is that this is the match up that everyone wanted. The past 3 games have become legendary were the each out does the one the precedes it. So this game was the one that is supposed to show the country of Poland how spectacular and special this sport is. But what I have come to realize that Poland is the land of where your plans mean shit to God (even though this is the most Catholic place in Eastern Europe). Poland is the Bermuda triangle of good intentions. Poland is where well executed and well prepared plans come to killed and discarded like a Craigslist escort. So I believe in my heart of hearts that someone is getting blown out. This game won’t live up to the hype. Which is unfortunate because with a reach of 7 million homes they deserve to see good football. Now which way is the blow out going to go. I can’t really decide. It can honestly go either way and turn ugly fast for both teams. I am not even trying to be diplomatic what so ever but MY LORD!! You have not experienced the odd quagmires that have become part of my everyday life. But I am certainly not trying to be on the losing side of that shit so I will be bringing my A game. So I have my usual game day predictions. I have been mulling this over for a few weeks. After last week I have hit my stride defensively. My pass rush is rolling on all cylinders and pretty much I have been clogging up holes like a Crave Case from White Castle.  Not to mention its a nationally televised game and that usually raises my level of play.

up to this point I have finished the season (including one playoff game) with:

43.5 tackles, 23.5 Tfls, 11.5 sacks 

That is pretty much on par with my goals for this year. Unfortunately I only played 6 out of 9 regular season games (Lord could only know what they would have been like).  I lead the league in tackles per game, TFL’s and Sacks obviously. So how do I cap off this final game. Well I am only 3.5 sacks from my magic number of 15!!!!!

Game Predictions:

6 tackles, 5 Tfls, 4 sacks (I don’t do half sacks), 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 touchdown, 1 blocked kick and Final MVP.  OH BEHAVE!!! (Austin Powers voice)

I think Euro approves of those stats

So tomorrow is the first and only game of the playoffs. Its a rematch of last years semi’s.  The Seahawks are a more improved team than we have seen before which is a good thing because they will walk in the door with more confidence and hence do more things that will allow me to to do better. Confidence makes QB’s stay longer in the pocket and makes the O Line believe they can dominate the line of scrimmage. I love that. Usually after about 5 rushing attempts that run game disappears then I get to pin my ears back and just attack. Well maybe not this week. We are adding something different so that I get a more involved.

Last game they played it smart. Quick passing and screens which pretty much limited my chances to make big plays. It was actually my worst statistical game of the season but when someone game plans against you you need to reinvent what you are doing. Tomorrow I won’t allow them to run away from me this time. I will do what I can to get my face in the mix. Its the play offs of course and that is when the big time players step up.  Not to mention there is one thing to be a dominant player during the regular season but I want to be the most dominant player in the post season. As everyone knows DEFENSE wins championships. Seriously I haven’t been more excited for a game this season than this one. Just because of the different things I will be doing i am interested to see how I handle this. So lets get to predictions.

7 Tackles , 4 TFLs, 1.5 sacks, 1 interception, 1 touchdown, 1 fumble recovery, 2 blocked kicks

So this is what we are up against this week. Thanks to our cross town rivals we enjoyed this week as the only unbeaten team in the league and some how managed to continue to be ranked the #21 team in Europe according to the powers that be at So with so much on the line I’m approaching this game as a way to solidify us as the team to beat.

We are up against a huge challenge this week due to the fact that we haven’t particularly defended the pass well this season and we are going up against a team that have  two import WR’s and also created a dance craze. At some point during the game that Bernie shit is going to drive me crazy because any big play by us or them someone is going to bust it out. Now I could careless if they do it. Its their “thing” for the season but when our team mimics it it comes off more like penis jockeying.  MEhhh it is what it is.

The good part about tomorrow is that our Super Flag Bol National team will be traveling with us to play against the Warsaw Eagles Junior team. I’m not sure what our guys are up against but I know that we are probably the best group of 18 and under players in the league. We just have amazing athletes and I can’t see them losing. I’m very excited about this match to be quite honest our young dudes deserve it.

So on to the predictions for the game. I have to keep in mind we are facing two import receivers and an import running back I should be more cautious about what I throw out. But when a team is stacked they believe they will definitely run at me with no regard for the fact that I have been able to shut down a run game. Well more TFL’s for me.

9 tackles, 5 TFL’s, 4  sacks, 1 ff, 1 catch 25 receiving yards.

This seems kind inflated but for some reason its what popped into my mind first. I’m just going to roll with it. I’ll keep you updated. By the way if you are looking for why I haven’t updated any other games the PLFA does an awful job of getting the numbers in. I understand it is a tedious job but we still haven’t received stats from games that were 3 weeks ago. So who the hell knows when we’ll get’em.


So if any of you have been keeping up with my goings on in Poland we have been fighting hard to get our SuperFinal (Polish Super Bowl) on National TV. We have created a buzz on facebook and with the help of all the imports and other Polish citizens of our small football community we have had this thing spread rapidly. The next step is to get the rest of Europe on board. The task of writing a press release was given to me. This may seem like a small task but I took as a serious one due to the fact it would be displayed on two high traffic websites, and (International Fedaration of American Football). Well guess what its on the front page of both websites!!!! You can read it below:

American Football is the fastest growing team sport in Poland. In less than 6 years the league has gone from a 4-team mini-league in which everyone made the ‘playoffs’ to a successful 31-team, 3-division organization with imported American talent from the NFL, AFL and top college conferences such as the Big Ten.

With awareness of football growing rapidly and the quality of play improving at the same rate, the Polish League of American Football (PLFA) will be taking a huge step this season by bringing the sport into the homes of many of Poland’s 40 million citizens. This is because, for the first time, the PLFA championship game, the PLFA SuperFinal (formerly known as the Polish Bowl), will be televised nationally. PLFA SuperFinal VI will be played on July 17th in Bielawa, a day after the IFAF Senior World Championship.

To make this happen the PLFA is taking an unorthodox approach, by creating an international “Get Football on TV” petition. The goal is to get 50,000 people to sign the petition in order to prove to companies, sponsors and advertisers that football is getting popular not only in Poland but in the rest of the continent as well. Currently the petition is at 4,400 and growing. With the support of the rest of the players, teams, leagues and federations of European and International football this petition can lead to more than just support for one country but indeed for entire international football community.

To be a part of this movement just click on the link: and sign the petition (signing doesn’t cause any personal data to be provided to third parties). This will be the first small step in spreading a sport that is currently the guilty pleasure of a relatively small group of enthusiasts (and not to mention almost everyone in America) to the European masses.

Ooooooh this week is a good one. This is one of the games I have had circled on my calendar for a while. Since we last played them we left them with a moral victory because the score was 38-6. They celebrated after the game as if they just won which to be quite honest got under my skin. On top of that I played against one of the sorriest players that I have gone against out here. The dude, pound for pound, was bigger than me and also taller than me. For four quarters his holding infractions went from desperate to intentionally trying to injure me.  That is something I really can’t tolerate. Now what really has me ready to water board this dude is that he had the nerve to run his mouth and make jokes about it.

Now tomorrow we will meet on the corner of Spite and Ignorance and lets see who thinks shit is still funny. Because of the injuries to our team I will be taking some snaps on offense at FB and TE.  This should be fun because I get to cut block all those jerks who did it to me. This will also make my goals for the game slightly nutty. Goals for tomorrow:

8 tackles, 4 tfls, 4 sacks (I’m dead serious. I hope they try to go drop back), 1 forced fumble, 2 catches 45 yads, 2 carries 25 yards, 2 touchdowns.

I’ll keep you updated on how I physically assault this jackass. My job is to make him quit or have the cops escort me of the field. Either or I’ll be happy.

The attitude of an athlete is one of constant competition. It is hard to convince an athlete to question their ability or convince them that someone is actually better than them.  I had to write about this because when you win a close game there is only one thing that both teams agree on. That the other team is shit lol.  The winning team believes they should have and could have put up more points and the losing team is saying the other team is garbage and they would have won if it wasn’t for one play.  To be honest both sides have legitimate cases to feel that way. Now I am sure someone is going to read this and take it the wrong way. But who cares its really how we think.

Shit the whole game during crunch time both teams are getting each other pumped by yelling “Fuck them. They scared. They are a bunch of bitches. They suck. Lets go out and bust these hoes ass”.  Shit I know I that’s what I say all the time. Lehigh beat us in college 4 years in a row and I still believe they were shitty. But I’m an unapologetic heel with social issues.

But at the end of the game you always think of that one play you could have made. Really the best thing to do is keep believing that other team isn’t shit so it keeps you motivated. Real good teams bounce back from close games and deliver some serious punishment to the next team to prove that the previous week was some bullshit. But thats what the athlete spirit is about. To never doubt yourself and always look to achieve more.  Thats one thing I do appreciate about growing up in the states where our sports culture really defines us and molds us into the people we are today. Without this disdain for believing that someone is better than us then we would seriously quit at most things. But we all have the belief we can knock any wall down.