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ALL HE DOES IS HOLD!!!! #78 people. Watch his holding ass the whole game because the refs won't be.

Well the culmination of a long and productive season comes to an end tomorrow.  There are two ways this thing is going to end. Us becoming champions or looking like to biggest slap dicks in the PLFA. There is no middle ground of wow they played hard, or they just came up short. If we don’t win everyone will say The Crew is the biggest joke in football. With all the shit we have kicked up over the past three seasons we better win this damn game.

Now on the flipside this game will be the first nationally televised game ever in Poland. What makes this special is that this is the match up that everyone wanted. The past 3 games have become legendary were the each out does the one the precedes it. So this game was the one that is supposed to show the country of Poland how spectacular and special this sport is. But what I have come to realize that Poland is the land of where your plans mean shit to God (even though this is the most Catholic place in Eastern Europe). Poland is the Bermuda triangle of good intentions. Poland is where well executed and well prepared plans come to killed and discarded like a Craigslist escort. So I believe in my heart of hearts that someone is getting blown out. This game won’t live up to the hype. Which is unfortunate because with a reach of 7 million homes they deserve to see good football. Now which way is the blow out going to go. I can’t really decide. It can honestly go either way and turn ugly fast for both teams. I am not even trying to be diplomatic what so ever but MY LORD!! You have not experienced the odd quagmires that have become part of my everyday life. But I am certainly not trying to be on the losing side of that shit so I will be bringing my A game. So I have my usual game day predictions. I have been mulling this over for a few weeks. After last week I have hit my stride defensively. My pass rush is rolling on all cylinders and pretty much I have been clogging up holes like a Crave Case from White Castle.  Not to mention its a nationally televised game and that usually raises my level of play.

up to this point I have finished the season (including one playoff game) with:

43.5 tackles, 23.5 Tfls, 11.5 sacks 

That is pretty much on par with my goals for this year. Unfortunately I only played 6 out of 9 regular season games (Lord could only know what they would have been like).  I lead the league in tackles per game, TFL’s and Sacks obviously. So how do I cap off this final game. Well I am only 3.5 sacks from my magic number of 15!!!!!

Game Predictions:

6 tackles, 5 Tfls, 4 sacks (I don’t do half sacks), 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 touchdown, 1 blocked kick and Final MVP.  OH BEHAVE!!! (Austin Powers voice)

I think Euro approves of those stats


Click the link below and watch the game live.

Entering my 3rd game I am getting close to that number one spot. Luckily we are playing a pretty balanced team that actually doesn’t view me as threat what so ever which is honestly a blessing. Why you ask? Well because they will run the ball to my side, run drop back, and probably will leave one person to stop me. But after last game I took a step back so I need to get my ish together and come back strong this game.

I was interviewed after the last game and I was asked what do you think is a perfect defensive game and I responded with “Its hard say. For me zero to negative rushing yards, no completed passes, 3 turnovers and 7 sacks”. Of course it was translated into me saying that “Aki says their defense will give up no yards, no passes and get seven sacks”. Oh how I love the media here. But since its been put into the ether as they say in The Secret the goal is out there to attain which leads into this weeks stat predictions:

7 tackles, 4 tfl’s, 1 FF, 1 FR, 2.5 sacks

Oh yeah this is supposed to be our rivalry game slash biggest game of the season. So I guess I am an ass for even thinking I will have a good game. That Aki guy. I just don’t like him. He’s such an arrogant prick. Updates after the game. Oh yeah here is the link to the game if you want to watch.

My First game back was about 3 weeks ago and I had pretty lofty goals to get back in the league leader mix in the PLFA. The stats finally came in and I came pretty close to my goal. I ended up with 8.5 tackles, 5.5 tfl’s, 2.5 sacks and we won 72-0.  I failed to produce any forced fumbles or talk shit.  Bialystok’s QB was tough as hell. Dude kept getting up after every hit like he was Rodney King. I respected that enough and kept my quiet.  Of course I regret it now because the teams moronic camera man and his jackass buddy had a whole lot to say ,which I found out after the game.

Rule #1: Don’t ever be nice to anyone on the football field because you will always wish that you would decapitated them afterwards.

Interesting tid bit of info. The trip was a 23 hour round trip.


Seahawks vs The Crew: Look at that pad level.

Second game was a week ago against former top 3 team the Seahawks. Going against a pass heavy team I figured I was going to add a sack or two but I actually fell short on everything. I finished with (guesstimate) 4 tackles, 3 tfls, 0 sacks and we won 62-7. Very pedestrian numbers and admittedly a lot of it was my fault because I stayed primarily on the right side of the line and they ran quick game, screens, rolled and scrambled the opposite way. I should have been more proactive in moving around more so they couldn’t predict where I will be.

The Crew vs Devils: Trust. No one wants us to win this game.

In two games I believe I have actually moved myself into the top 3 or 5 in sacks and it is a matter of possibly 2 more games before I am the leader in both Sacks and TFLs. It will be extra motivation this week because we play our crosstown rivals, The Wroclaw Devils where a young man by the name of Adam Matryba is the actual league leader in sacks. For me getting the most sacks is a game within a game. So now I need to make sure our starting Left Tackle has a hell of a game and I need to get 2.5 to 3 sacks to move to number one.  It should be an exciting weekend. Wish me luck people or wish me failure. Just as long as I’m in your thoughts.

Amongst experiencing many things for the first time this was my first Super Bowl outside of New York.  This was an interesting experience because for starters the game did not start until 12 am.  The Super Bowl was held at Platinum Night Club in Warsaw. It was hosted by ESPN America and was a kind of invite only gig with a guest list. I walked to the door and the doorman sized me up up and asked for my name. “Lebron James” I responded. Of course it went completely over his head and he decided to look up the name Lebron James. Yup may ass almost didn’t get in for trying to be a smart ass.  Side note: Lebron James is clearly not as famous as everyone may  think.

The venue was cool. It was packed full of Americans, they had an all night buffet, (If anyone wanted to know who scooped all the shrimp of the beans it was me, sorry I really like shrimp), an open bar (that I didn’t know was open until roughly mid way through the 3rd Quarter and screens every where.

I also ran into my former Eagles teammates which was cool.  I was also introduced Rich Szaro who is the first Polish born player to play in the NFL. I’m doing it ass backwards. He  came from Poland went to the league and made money. I played in the league and went to Poland to lose money, ain’ that a bitch. Cool dude for sure and had some good stories about how he got down back in the day. Seriously it sounded like the NFL had a full roster full of Pacman’s.

What’s crazy is that he went to St. Francis Prep (Christ the Criminals errr… Kings rival school). This season the PLFA trophy will be named after him.

Well on to watching the Super Bowl. Absolutely boring. The game is just not the same without the commercials. Because the game is shown via ESPN America all the advertising is blocked which just leaves you the game. All the hype of Tim Tebow’s abortion commercial or anti-abortion, whatever, was for naught. I just new I would have to spend most of the day looking over the internet to get a chance to watch some the commercials. Luckily the game got fairly interesting in the final 8 minutes and almost made it worth staying up til 4 am to watch the whole game.  All in all it was a good night. Well morning.

UWAGA!!!!!!!!! I am not going to Bielawa. This was just for a presentation. I repeat I have a Bielawa uniform on because I was doing presentations out there.

I took a trip to Bielawa before I left to help spread the word and help with their recruiting. We ended up getting interviewd by the local station that actually has been pretty consistent with covering American Football.