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ALL HE DOES IS HOLD!!!! #78 people. Watch his holding ass the whole game because the refs won't be.

Well the culmination of a long and productive season comes to an end tomorrow.  There are two ways this thing is going to end. Us becoming champions or looking like to biggest slap dicks in the PLFA. There is no middle ground of wow they played hard, or they just came up short. If we don’t win everyone will say The Crew is the biggest joke in football. With all the shit we have kicked up over the past three seasons we better win this damn game.

Now on the flipside this game will be the first nationally televised game ever in Poland. What makes this special is that this is the match up that everyone wanted. The past 3 games have become legendary were the each out does the one the precedes it. So this game was the one that is supposed to show the country of Poland how spectacular and special this sport is. But what I have come to realize that Poland is the land of where your plans mean shit to God (even though this is the most Catholic place in Eastern Europe). Poland is the Bermuda triangle of good intentions. Poland is where well executed and well prepared plans come to killed and discarded like a Craigslist escort. So I believe in my heart of hearts that someone is getting blown out. This game won’t live up to the hype. Which is unfortunate because with a reach of 7 million homes they deserve to see good football. Now which way is the blow out going to go. I can’t really decide. It can honestly go either way and turn ugly fast for both teams. I am not even trying to be diplomatic what so ever but MY LORD!! You have not experienced the odd quagmires that have become part of my everyday life. But I am certainly not trying to be on the losing side of that shit so I will be bringing my A game. So I have my usual game day predictions. I have been mulling this over for a few weeks. After last week I have hit my stride defensively. My pass rush is rolling on all cylinders and pretty much I have been clogging up holes like a Crave Case from White Castle.  Not to mention its a nationally televised game and that usually raises my level of play.

up to this point I have finished the season (including one playoff game) with:

43.5 tackles, 23.5 Tfls, 11.5 sacks 

That is pretty much on par with my goals for this year. Unfortunately I only played 6 out of 9 regular season games (Lord could only know what they would have been like).  I lead the league in tackles per game, TFL’s and Sacks obviously. So how do I cap off this final game. Well I am only 3.5 sacks from my magic number of 15!!!!!

Game Predictions:

6 tackles, 5 Tfls, 4 sacks (I don’t do half sacks), 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 touchdown, 1 blocked kick and Final MVP.  OH BEHAVE!!! (Austin Powers voice)

I think Euro approves of those stats


Click the link below and watch the game live.

Entering my 3rd game I am getting close to that number one spot. Luckily we are playing a pretty balanced team that actually doesn’t view me as threat what so ever which is honestly a blessing. Why you ask? Well because they will run the ball to my side, run drop back, and probably will leave one person to stop me. But after last game I took a step back so I need to get my ish together and come back strong this game.

I was interviewed after the last game and I was asked what do you think is a perfect defensive game and I responded with “Its hard say. For me zero to negative rushing yards, no completed passes, 3 turnovers and 7 sacks”. Of course it was translated into me saying that “Aki says their defense will give up no yards, no passes and get seven sacks”. Oh how I love the media here. But since its been put into the ether as they say in The Secret the goal is out there to attain which leads into this weeks stat predictions:

7 tackles, 4 tfl’s, 1 FF, 1 FR, 2.5 sacks

Oh yeah this is supposed to be our rivalry game slash biggest game of the season. So I guess I am an ass for even thinking I will have a good game. That Aki guy. I just don’t like him. He’s such an arrogant prick. Updates after the game. Oh yeah here is the link to the game if you want to watch.

Eh nothing to extreme to be honest besides the ridiculously cold weather. i seriously have lost all motivation.  I don’t know what it is but it makes no damn sense at all.  I seriously have been rocking my cowboy boots almost everyday. Granted it gives me European flare I seriously starting to feel like a bull rider. Ok to the weekend:

Since I am still without an apartment I have to stay on Jacks coach which is hurting my social life. It is quite normal for people to actually to live in a living room but for me it still feels odd and I can’t bring a girl back to a friends coach. So Friday went out for a few drinks at this one place can’t remember the name. It played damn good big band music and also had a unisex bathroom. Of course I got an idea to go on Craig’s List Poland and say that there is a Glory Hole going on at this place. I checked the bathroom to find out it wasn’t really unisex and there were no stalls so that sucked. We hit up a spot called Insomnia and had a few more beers then decided to hit up Gusto (my personal favorite spot) because I got a text from a friend saying she was there with her two crazy Russian friends. Game on. Well that turned out to be a bust. Gusto was ass packed and the Russian girls couldn’t be found so I was stuck entertaining her while my boys were left hanging. Screw that I went home.

Saturday: Finally I went to Senso. After 10 months and hearing a ton about the place I finally got a chance to go with my friend Iga who is the mayor of the place it seems like. Not bad. They played Robin S. show me love so the place gets props and there were the classy chicks wearing white boots. They are always a treat to see.  After a few to a good amount of shots I convinced Jack to meet me at Olowska 9 and after about 30 minutes bailed. The place wasn’t really shaking. I remembered by being annoyed by something. I think it was the dude who patted me on the back and give me a hand shake right after walked out the urinal.  Yeah buddy I don’t get down like that. The group decided to roll to Insomnia and imagine it being -12 and walking all across Wroclaw switching clubs sucked.  I ran in to my Moroccan and Tunisian peeps who decided to get extra hyped screaming “Africa is in the muphuckin’ house” which got them reel rowdy. After an hour I ducked out because everyone was trashed and I was a little bit on the buzzed side because I did so much walking. So its about 4 am now and I dropped into Manana to meet up with a group of friends and lets just say thats when I hit my stride. Some how I gashed open pinky finger but it was nothing serious. Sorry nothing crazy.  Oh yeah, the cops were putting a foot in this dudes ass in front of Daytona. I didn’t see how it started but boy it was too cold of a night to be on all fours getting folded up like a suitcase.

This video is part of the new contest we are promoting for the Tolerance Bol on October 17th which will be the name of the Championship Game. Because of everything that has gone on in the past few months we are looking to turn it all into a positive. The campaign is about standing up to intolerance.  “Don’t tolerate Intolerance”. It is hard as hell to say in Polish and I tried way too many times to do it.  So take a look at the video and kids you can win 100 zl out of it so good luck.  By the way check how I am reppin’ Dem’ Knicks out here. Thanks to Joanna Sobiesniewska and Lance Burns for the directing and editing the video.

The setting is 6 am in the middle of the downtown square. Drunk Ass decides he’s going to run his mouth for 5 minutes and take his shirt off to look tough. The problem with that is there are cameras all over the square and the police are sitting there watching waiting for something to jump off. By the time that the kid with the bird chest decides to attack the police swooped in on some ATF shit and caught him. Just another night out in Wroclaw.

Just freakin sexy

Well I have yet to introduce you guys to our teams better half.  We have a pleasure to roll around with a group of young women known as The Sista Crew. These women are not cheerleaders they are a talented dance team that happen to take great pictures like these. There are more pics of the girls (unfortunately not stretching) so enjoy. By the way this is just half the team in these pics so it does get better.

By the way can anyone think of a clever caption for this pic? (more…)

 “How in the hell can I make my team better by practicing” – Allen Iverson

Our first practice at our new field. Guys were a little rusty after being out of practice for a week and some change. Trust me these guys are getting much better. No trust me. For real. They are. Seriously.